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 Amanda Missions is a ministry under Aneres Ministries, Inc. This ministry has a heart for children. The name Amanda means "deserving to be loved," "worthy of love" or, simply, "lovable."


    We believe...


  • All children are a gift from Above.

  • Each child is mysteriously complex and marvelously breathtaking.

  • Each child is deserving of love, care, compassion and protection.


Our Mission: To make and donate hand-painted hooded baby wraps to children rescued from the grips of darkness. Every wrap is as unique as every child. Each wrap is infused with an abundance of love. They are prayed over and blessed. 

O  O  O

If you would like to bless a precious child with a  wrap, please click here to donate. Approximately, $20 will cover the cost for one wrap; however, love offerings in any amount are appreciated. 

To see samples or if you would like to purchase a wrap for personal use, please click here to visit our store. 

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