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Terms of Use/Disclaimer

The ministry of going before the Lord for deliverance is based in religious beliefs and is not recognized by the secular field of psychology as a method for the resolution of

psychological problems. There are no licensed counselors on staff. I recognize that this step of faith has been helpful for many but has not been scientifically proven. You understand that you might experience heightened emotions and memories that were previously unknown or unresolved, that neither you nor anyone else knew about in advance. You will hold harmless Aneres Ministries and all of the participants involved for your memories or behaviors. You give your consent for deliverance, and am in no way being forced, pressured, or coerced to submit to this procedure from any person or entity. You also have the right to terminate/drop off of the session at any time.


This is considered legal acknowledgment that you have been informed of your rights and have had the opportunity to obtain whatever information or professional advice you deemed necessary or appropriate prior to undergoing deliverance.

Privacy Policy

You will not be judged or condemned based any information that you share with us. ​All member information is kept confidential and not shared with any other organization for any purpose.


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