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Quantum Prayer for Cleansing Your DNA (Removing Negative Heritage Traits)

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

***This prayer was straight from the Father’s heart. Long prayers are not necessary. Binding and rebuking are not necessary. Just speak from your heart to your cells. They have consciousness/intelligence. They can hear you. They actually will respond to you. No, they don’t understand your language but they understand your vibration. They respond via their own vibration, which your brain can translate into English (your language) for you if you choose to tune in to listen. ***


I direct my DNA cells that are working against me to completely remove themselves now, leaving no residue. Cells, do your job at the height of efficiency with no more laziness. I want the sludge eaten and the channels and strands cleaned.

Only healthy cells are to remain; others go. Do not return. Do not be remiss.

Goodbye unhealthy, diverting, ill-intentioned cells. My heritage is not to remain and be used in my body if it is working against me. This applies to my entire lineage going forward for all the generations to come.

All the positive traits of my heritage are allowed to remain and be used in order to bless me - body, soul, and spirit. Heritage cells, you must be stead on God's mission and intention for me. You need to be in accordance with my true essence and all that God created me to be and do, forever. You cannot and will not work against me any longer.

Cells, I direct you to shine! Release light. Illuminate. Amen.


Thank you for honoring my request. I bless you for doing your job.


  • There is no formula for what you say under section II. Just speak from the heart.

  • While these prayers may seem too simple and short, the fact is the cells know what their job is. You don’t need to go into a lot of detail, which is wonderful for those of us without a medical degree!

  • Also, this is NOT medical advice. Always consult your doctor.

Aneres Ministries, Inc., 03/2021

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