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Samples of Previous Orders

This scarf is wide enough to be used as a prayer/meditation shawl. All of our silk scarves are hand-painted under Divine inspiration. Once finished, all scarves are prayed over and blessed. All scarves can be stamped with a verse from scripture. Please specify your scripture preference from our offerings when ordering.


It is my heart that a powerful thing is done through these scarves so that all who touch it against their skin will be blessed and made whole. On earth as it is in heaven! 


22" wide x 72" long, 8mm Silk Habotai Scarves/Shawls. Hand-rolled hems stitched with silk thread.

$35.00 each, plus shipping

Each item is handmade, making it uniquely special. If you see a design you like, make note of the number. This will assist us in understanding your preference when you place your order. 




collage 1.png
7                                                      8                                                  9                   
4                                                    5                                                  6                   
1                                                     2                                                   3                   
collage 2.png
10                                                 11                                                      12
13                                                  14                                                     15
16                                                  17                                                      18
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