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Terms of Service/Disclaimer

The practice of going before the LORD for mental, emotional and physical well-being is based in faith and is not recognized by the secular field of medicine as a scientific method for the resolution of health concerns.

There are no licensed counselors or medical professionals on staff. While faith has been proven to be a catalyst for healing, results cannot be guaranteed. We do not advocate foregoing medical treatment, and recommend that you see a doctor and follow their instructions. 


You will hold harmless Aneres Ministries, Inc., and all staff for your health concerns. You agree that we are not administering medical advice and that you are solely responsible for your health.


This is considered legal acknowledgment that you have been informed that it is your responsibility to obtain whatever information or professional advice you deem necessary or appropriate to ensuring your well-being. 

Privacy Policy

You will not be judged or condemned based any information that you share with us. ​All member information is kept confidential and not shared with any other organization for any purpose.


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